Six Days!

Our very first annual event is only six days away! We are truly excited to join with everyone at the event to start raising awareness for such an importance cause. You wouldn’t think San Jose or it’s surrounding cities would have homeless shelters, or at least not ones that were full. However that isn’t the case. Hundreds of children in the San Jose area go without birthday presents every year. Some parents don’t even tell their child about their birthday because they know it won’t be what they hear about at school.

We’ve met some of the incredible children that your donations will go to support. One little boy, Elisha, stole my heart. He was so excited to tell me all the things he wanted for his birthday, he’s only turning 3, but he is so excited to be 3. He needs a new jacket because he has ruined the sleeves on his old one. I can’t wait until April when we have his birthday party and I get to watch him open up his birthday presents. He would truly not get this experience without your support!

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