DIY Owl Crafts: Part II

Earlier this week we shared some fun and easy paper owl crafts, and now we’ve got some more advanced tutorials to satisfy your cravings for adorable owls!  With a few hours, and a sewing machine, or a needle and thread you will have two fabulous owl decorations that you can use for a party or keep up year around! We didn’t create these tutorials, but were lucky enough to come across them on the blog Moonstitches. Enjoy!

Owl Pennant

To make this adorable pennant checkout this fantastic tutorial by Alexandra Rasmussen on Moon Stitches. This project is definitely more advanced, but the results are amazing.

Fabric Owls

Alexandra also created a tutorial for these cute owls found here. Again, creating these fabric owls are more labor intensive, but they are quite adorable.

What do you think of these adorable little owls? We love them.

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