Birthday Party Ideas That Keep You Active This Summer: Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing (Photo credit: Greatist)

Over the next few weeks we wanted to share some party ideas that will get kids and adults alike experiencing the outdoors and embracing their playful sides! These adventure party themes are great for creating memories while teaching kids the importance of staying healthy and active. To get this adventure themed series started, let’s talk about rock climbing! A rock climbing party is a great idea for both younger kids and older climbing enthusiasts. Climbing options range from bouldering (climbing short distances without a rope and with plenty of padding) to top-rope climbing (climbing higher with a rope and partner). Many climbing gyms even have birthday party specials and rooms that can be used to serve cake and ice cream! Typically climbing gyms will have trained instructors available to show the kids the ropes (pun intended) and make sure they climb safely! If you are in the Bay Area some great climbing gyms to consider are:

  • Planet Granite– this gym has locations in Sunnyvale, Belmont, and San Francisco and offers both bouldering and top-rope climbing.
  • Berkeley Ironworks – this East Bay climbing gym has party rates at $100 for 5 kids (and $20/each additional child) and offers both top-rope and bouldering facilities.
  • Rockzilla– this smaller Napa facility offers party specials of $175/2-hour party or $275/3-hour party and offers both bouldering and top-rope climbing routes.
  • Vertex -this gym is located in Santa Rosa and parties start at $130 for 6 children, and $20/each additional guest. There is even an option to book the entire gym for large parties on Saturday nights!

Later this week we will share some other great party ideas that will keep you active this summer! Have you or your children ever tried rock climbing? What did you think?

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