Sustainable Gifting: Give A Gift That Supports A Cause

Birthday’s and holidays are sometimes overshadowed by the gift-giving process. These are times to share memories and experiences with loved ones, not necessarily getting a new pair of shoes or the latest iPhone. We aren’t saying that at Make A Birthday Wish we don’t get excited about presents… we do. But we get excited about giving presents to those that are in need and truly could use a boost. So if you are looking to show your kids the beauty of compassion and giving (not receiving), or if you are looking for a gift for the person that has everything why not consider giving the gift of charity. We’ve got a collection of great causes that will give you the chance to give the gift of charity no matter what your budget!

  1. Oxfam America UnwrappedOxfam is a great relief and development organization working to save lives, end poverty, and fight for social justice. Through their “Unwrapped” program you can choose from one of 70 unique gifts (ranging from 40 chicks to mosquito nets to art supplies) to donate in honor of your friend or loved one for their birthday or for the holidays. You will get a card with an image of the unique gift you chose and then you have the option to personalize it online and have it sent to the recipient directly, or receive the card in the mail for you to handwrite a personal message. Donation prices range from $12 to $1,500, so there really is something for any budget.
  2. TisBest – TisBest is the original charity gift card—which means you select a design (or upload your own image) for the gift card and choose a value between $10 and $5,000 to give to someone special. You can have the gift card emailed, print from home, or have a physical card made of recycled plastic sent to you or the recipient directly. To use the card you redeem the code and select up to three charities of your choice to donate to. This is especially great for someone that wants to be more involved in the process. Their are hundreds of charities to choose whose missions range from helping animals to promoting the arts to education to promoting women’s rights. There really is a charity for everyone at TisBest.
  3. – This online charity platform helps you give gifts that support classrooms in need. Teachers and schools can post projects that you can donate to specifically, or you can give a gift card, a tote bag, mug, or t-shirt that supports the classroom causes. If you are getting married you can even create a wedding registry for people to donate to in place of gifts.
  4. Make A Birthday Wish – Of course we think our cause is a worthy birthday gift for the humanitarian in your life! If you are looking for a unique and memorable gift why not sponsor a party for children in need (or sponsor a child and purchase a gift from our wish list)? We throw birthday parties and buy presents each month for children in need in the San Jose area in partnership with West Valley Community Services. If you aren’t in the Bay Area and prefer a more local cause look into charities where you live that also have donation and gift options!

Have you ever given or received a charity gift? What did you (or the recipient) think?


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