Skip the Chips &Soda Part II: Serve These Refreshing Beverages Instea!

Earlier this week we shared some healthier and happier alternatives to chips that you can serve at parties.Today we’ve rounded up a collection of alternatives and recipes that won’t have you or your guests missing the soda!

Swap Out Soda With These Alternatives:

Flavored Water – A pretty, healthy, and affordable alternative to soda. Just buy your favorite fruits and veggies (we love strawberries, blueberries, lemons, limes, and cucumbers), slice them up, and add them to a glass pitcher to steep with ice water, or add them directly to your guests glass! You can pick fruits that coordinate with your party’s color scheme or that celebrate the flavors of the season!

Juice Spritzers – super yummy and super affordable. Pick up your favorite juice and add tonic or seltzer water for a refreshing, fruity, and fizzy soda alternative! You can also add fresh fruit, mint, or basil to liven up your spritzer.

Iced Tea – this is a staple in my opinion, and if you aren’t serving up the super sweet southern version it is a healthier alternative. You can go with a traditional black, or serve green, or fruit flavored iced tea. Try swapping the sugar out for a natural sweetener like agave or stevia to keep calories low. We are in love with this recipe for Blueberry Mint Iced Tea by Brooklyn Gallery!

Blueberry Mint Iced Tea – Recipe & Photo from Brooklyn Gallery

Ginger Ale – So technically this is soda, but ginger ale is wonderful for your stomach, and if you are going to consume any form of soda you should give this spicy and refreshing flavor a try. We love Reeds natural ginger ale, and now they even offer a “light” option that is only 55 calories a bottle!

Reeds Ginger Brews

what is your favorite beverage to serve at a party?

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