3 Cheery Birthday Treats

Today we wanted to share some pretty amazing and colorful birthday treats we’ve stumbled upon the last week. They are so creative and happy—they’d be perfect for a special birthday celebration.

Polka Dot Cake – This whimsical cake comes from Once Upon A Pedestal. She uses cake pop pans to create the polka dots that are baked into this three-layered cake! Check out here fantastic tutorial, and maybe give this cake a whirl. If you wanted to do a gluten-free version you could use gluten-free cake mix to keep it simple.

Image & Tutorial from Once Upon A Pedestal

Cake Batter Rice Krispie Treat Cupcakes – Holy smokes Batman! Did someone quite possibly combine our love of cupcakes with our adoration for rice krispie treats? It appears so. Samantha of Baked From A Box has a super easy tutorial for making the ultimate birthday treat with a sweet pink buttercream frosting!

Image & Tutorial from Baked From A Box.

Oreo Pops – These party treats by Hip Hip Hooray are super simple to make. Simply place oreos on a stick. Then dip into melted chocolate of your choice and top with sprinkles! How awesome looking are these.

Image from Hip Hip Hooray

Which cheery treat is your favorite?


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