2 Creative & Sweet Ways To Say Happy Birthday!

Are you looking for a special way to say happy birthday, or celebrate an anniversary or Mother’s Day? We’ve found 2 really creative and sweet ideas to show someone how much you care!

Celebrate With A Balloon & Photo/Note For Each Year – This is such a creative and whimsical idea from Bebe a la Mode Designs! She used it to celebrate her anniversary, (be sure to check out her blog for the adorable photos she included) but this would work just as well for a birthday! For each year (age or anniversary) fill up a balloon and tie a personalized note or photo to it. If you are celebrating a birthday, use photos from birthday’s past! Put them in a bedroom or at the breakfast table to surprise your loved ones!

Image & Idea from Bebe a la Mode Designs!

Create A Birthday Banner & Message – How sweet is this sign by Room for Dessert? She made this for her boyfriend James and decorated their bedroom with it. This would be perfect for a kid, sibling, or roommate as well, decorate their room while they are at school and surprise them when they get home!

Happy Birthday Banner Image by Room for Dessert

How do you usually tell someone special happy birthday?

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Valentines Day DIY: Free Printables For The Perfect Valentines Day

February 14th is a little over 2 weeks away, so the time to plan and craft is now! Whether you are celebrating with kids, or someone special we’ve collected some great resources from around the web to help you with decorations & cards. The best thing about these crafts is that they could totally work for other celebrations, like a girl’s birthday party. So grab your printer, scissors, glue, and craft up some love!

Printable Valentines Banner РThis banner comes from the blog Feece Fun. How adorable is this banner? It would be great to use at home, or to decorate a classroom. This printable would make a great template for a birthday banner too!

Image & Printable from FleeceFun.com.

Valentines Day Printable Breakfast In Bed Kit – This printable kit comes from Design Is Yay, a great blog full of awesome tutorials and freebies. Such a beautiful little collection here! Breakfast in bed would be the perfect way to show that someone special just how much you care. Again this printable could easily be reused as a template for a birthday, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, etc. breakfast in bed!

Breakfast In Bed DIY Printable (and image) from Design Is Yay!

Printable Kid’s Valentines – These adorable valentines come from Ellinee. These animals are too sweet.

Kids Valentine Printables (and image) from Ellinee.

How do you usually celebrate Valentine’s day? Do you have a sweetheart this year?

Pretty DIY Food Packaging

Happy Tuesday everyone! Over the last year we’ve shared a lot of recipes that would make great party treats, or even tasty dinners and snacks. Today we’ve rounded up some tutorials for you to create beautiful handmade packaging for them. This packaging will add the perfect touch to any party or gathering. We’ve paired each tutorial with a different recipe we’ve featured on our blog. Enjoy and get crafty!

Dip Dye Cupcake liners – How cute are these liners by Lauren of the blog Little Wren? You could dye these to match any party theme or decor and we think these semi-homemade chocolate chip cookie cupcakes that we featured a while back would look perfect inside these colorful liners!

Image & Tutorial from Little Wren

DIY French Fry Boxes – This tutorial and PDF pattern comes from Creating Keepsakes (image from Seven Thirty Three). Our baked sweet potato fries would look amazing in here. Or any treat/favor would do!

Image from Seven Thirty Three & Tutorial from Creating Keepsakes.

DIY Pie Wedge Box – This beautiful tutorial, which includes a free printable, comes from Lavender’s Blue Designs. How gorgeous would a slice of cake or pie look in this box? Why not try our homemade pumpkin pie packaged in this pretty paper?

Tutorial & Image from Lavender’s Blue Designs

Have you made your own packaging for baked goods before? How did it turn out?

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Happy New Year! Looking Back to the Best of 2012!

Image from the Huffington Post.

Happy New Year to all our readers and supporters out there! It was a fantastic year in 2012, we were able to help bring joy and relief to hundreds of kids in San Jose during their birthday months. And in 2013 we hope to reach even more :). With 2012 behind us it is important to reflect back on what was good, so today we have our top 5 posts from this past year! You guys really like to craft don’t you ;)!

Make A Birthday Wishes Top 5 Posts in 2012:

  1. DIY Decorations: Paper Stars – A great tutorial for handmade paper stars perfect for a party or just because!
  2. DIY Party Decorations: Pennant Banner – Both fabric and paper options abound in this post!
  3. DIY Owl Crafts: Part 1 – Seriously adorable owl crafts at a variety of difficulty levels! Who doesn’t love owls?
  4. DIY Crafts: Button Bracelets – So simple and so cute. These make great little gifts or packaging additions.
  5. 3 Party Favor Packing Ideas We Love – And apparently you love these unique ideas too!

What was your favorite post this past year? And what would you like to see more of in 2013?

If you are interested in supporting what we do at Make A Birthday Wish or learning more you can go to our website by clicking here. Have a great New Year’s Day!

DIY Gift Ideas: Homemade Coupon Books

Holiday Coupons Image from One Artsy Mama

Christmas is just around the corner… no seriously it’s next week! And we at Make a Birthday Wish are extremely excited for all the love and giving that takes place this time of year. If you are still lost for gift ideas, then have no fear, we’ve got a collection of great resources to help you make a great gift for just about anyone on your list (even the person that has everything!). The best part about this gift idea, it is practically free (except for the paper it’s printed on) or close to it.

DIY coupon books are the perfect solution for someone that is difficult to buy for, or if you want to give something more meaningful and personal this year. You generally are giving your time (a foot rub, scrubbing the shower, etc.) , or maybe entitling a friend to a cup of coffee, dinner, or a movie. One of our favorite things about DIY coupon books is they let you be as creative as you want to be. You can completely hand-make your book, or use a free online site to generate a clean-looking book that you can print out. To get started think about the person you are giving the coupons to. What do they enjoy doing, what do they need more of in their life (maybe time, or quiet), what do they hate to do (clean, laundry)? Then make a list of possible coupons:

  • Back massage
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Organizing the closet
  • A cup of coffee & good conversation
  • Their favorite dinner
  • A trip to the bookstore
  • A night of babysitting
  • An at home spa day… the list could go on forever

Once you have your list you can use MS Word, PowerPoint, Keynote, Photoshop, Online tools, or old fashioned paper, glue, and scissors to create a coupon book. Here are some of our favorite resources:

Have you ever made your own coupons or vouchers before? What kind of coupons did you come up with?

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Have A Paper Holiday: 3 DIY Paper Crafts For A Homemade Christmas!

At MABW we love crafting, reusing, re-purposing, and putting a personal touch on special occasions. Today we’ve got 3 tutorials to share with you that will have you crafting most everything you need this Holiday season with paper!

DIY Recycled Paper Tree

We love this idea! Imagine using brown packaging paper, newspaper, or magazines to make mini versions of this tree? Can you say great centerpiece for practically nothing?!!!

DIY Tutorial for Recycled Paper Christmas Tree by Casa Sugar

DIY Tutorial for Recycled Paper Christmas Tree by Casa Sugar

DIY Star Wars Snowflakes or Garland

These snowflakes would make any nerd proud. Such a fun idea, you could try it with different colored paper too!

Free Printable Template from Matters of Grey

Free Printable Template from Matters of Grey

Free Holiday Gift Tags

These printables from Sass & Peril make adorable homemade packaging a cinch this holiday season!

Gift Tag Printables by Sass & Peril

Gift Tag Printables by Sass & Peril

Which is your favorite holiday paper craft? We are partial to the Star Wars Snowflakes ūüôā

DIY Cards & Money Holders

Last week one of our readers, Lacey requested we find some tutorials for handmade cards, so here it goes! We’ve got a great collection of tutorials and photos to inspire and guide your crafty side. The tutorials help you create traditional cards, gift cards & money holders! So onto the tutorials!

DIY Happy Birthday Banner Card¬†– This great tutorial comes from Martha Stewart’s website!

DIY Happy Birthday Banner Card by Martha Stewart

DIY Money & Gift Card Holder 

DIY Money & Gift Card Holder from Studio DIY

DIY Puppy Ear Card РThis tutorial is super cute! You could change it up to be a rabbit or just about any other animal!

DIY Puppy Ear Card from Skip To My Lou

DIY String Tie Envelopes  РThese are adorable and would look amazing with printed paper too!

DIY String Tie Envelopes by Mini Eco

Handmade¬†Candle Wish Card¬†– This photo isn’t a tutorial, but with some card stock, sewing machine, candle, and stickers you could easily recreate this card.

Handmade Candle Wish Card

Let’s Get Our Celebration On¬†– This isn’t a tutorial either, but with a blank white card, a printer (or stamps, or a pen), a transparent mini envelope, and confetti, you could recreate this adorable card!

Let’s Get Our Celebration On Card

Have A Wish On Us Birthday Card/Money Holder РThis tutorial from One Little Minute is fantastic. It will take a little patience if you cut it out by hand, but the results are great!

Have A Wish On Us Birthday Card from One Little Minute

Hopefully these tutorials and photos will get the creative juices flowing for you Lacey, and all our other readers! Have you made your own cards before? Share your photos or tutorials with us ūüôā We’d love to feature your crafts!

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3 DIY Flower Inspired Party Decorations!

At Make A Birthday Wish while we are busy planning birthday parties for children in need in San Jose we love to stumble upon great DIY tutorials for making your own party decorations. Getting crafty saves a lot of money and is way more personal and fun. So today we have 3 great tutorials to link you to for creating beautiful flower inspired decorations perfect for your next party, or maybe just around your home!

Paper Flower Backdrop Garland – This tutorial comes from the great blog Ellinee Journal and the results are simply beautiful! Click here to see the step by step instructions!

Giant Tissue Paper Flowers РThis tutorial is from the blog Spoonful and these whimsical flowers would be great to hang or place on a stake as described in the instructions. To see the tutorial click here.

Floral Party Hats РThis tutorial was created by San Francisco based party planner and blogger Jordan Ferney! Her blog Oh Happy Day is so adorable and these party hats are to die for! To see the tutorial click here.


Which is your favorite floral party craft?

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Stationary Love Part I: DIY Tutorials For Envelopes & Paper


Today we wanted to share a collection of tutorials for creating your own envelopes and paper as part of a series on DIY stationary (that we think would make sweet gifts). We especially love the idea of creating an entire stationary kit to give to someone special (especially if they live far away). Simply click the title of each tutorial to be taken to the original instructions (all images also come from the original blogs)… So onward to the tutorials!



Do you have any tutorials for envelopes or paper to include in the collection? Please send us a message or comment to share them with us!


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DIY Paper Projects: Watercolor Notebooks

To continue the spirit of DIY, we are sharing a great tutorial from an awesome blog called Fellow Fellow. We love the tutorial for DIY Watercolor Notebooks for creating party favors, gifts, or for an easy craft that kid’s could do at a party. We’ve summarized the tutorial here, but for detailed instructions and step by step pictures definitely check out the link!


  • Blank Moleskine Notebooks
  • Brushes of Different Sizes
  • Watercolor Paints
  • Paint Tray
  • Cup of Water


  1. Place some paint in the tray and mix with some water.
  2. To create the flowers simply dip the brush in the paint and dab onto the notebooks making short strokes. It’s good to practice on other paper first!
  3. Once you feel confident about the way your flowers look it’s time to work on the notebook. They recommend starting at the top and working your way down to avoid dragging on the flowers you just painted. It’s best to work in stages (darker colors first) and letting each layer of color dry before beginning the next.
  4. Once dry you have beautiful personalized notebooks!

What do you think of these adorable notebooks? We ‚̧ them!



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