Make A Birthday Wish In the News!

Thank you to Pam Marino from goodneighborstories, for writing a beautiful article on us. You can check it out here!

If you think what we do here at Make A Birthday Wish is important there are lot’s of ways you can help and be part of bringing hope and building self-esteem in the children of San Jose! We are always looking for donations of old gift bags, toys & gifts for the children, or monetary gifts to support our cause (to make a financial contribution via paypal click here).

Of course there are ways to help without spending money! One of the biggest ways you can help our cause is to tell your friends and neighbors about Make A Birthday Wish. Like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, or share our website! Spreading the word will help us reach our goal of serving 300 children in the San Jose area, and hopefully in regions beyond!

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Cupcakes and Auction Items

Last night was an incredible evening. We want to thank everyone who came out to our Annual Event. We could not do what we do without you! We sold 5 Auction Items, gathered over 50 presents, and we still having people calling us to make a donation.

We were glad that Michelle Ma and her team from West Valley Community Services could come out and share their heart with us! We said it last night, but it cannot be said enough, West Valley is changing the community of Cupertino. Their food pantry, Job Advice Counselors, Bank assistance, and Housing are transforming the community we live in. We are excited to be a small part of what they do for our community!

We couldn’t possibly talk about last night without showing you some the photo’s from the event!

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Tommorrow, Tomorrow…

….We’ll see ya tomorrow….

We cannot believe our Annual Event is tomorrow. This is going to be a truly incredible evening. What is better than a lovely evening with people in your community who are making a difference. We at Make A Birthday Wish are only the hands that put into action the difference you are making in the community.

Although tomorrow night will be spectacular we cannot forget the precious faces we are celebrating. The children at West Valley Community Services are truly about to be spoiled by the San Jose community, and we aren’t afraid to say it.

What the best birthday present you’ve recieved? How old were you? Who was it from?

We want to hear from you!

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Six Days!

Our very first annual event is only six days away! We are truly excited to join with everyone at the event to start raising awareness for such an importance cause. You wouldn’t think San Jose or it’s surrounding cities would have homeless shelters, or at least not ones that were full. However that isn’t the case. Hundreds of children in the San Jose area go without birthday presents every year. Some parents don’t even tell their child about their birthday because they know it won’t be what they hear about at school.

We’ve met some of the incredible children that your donations will go to support. One little boy, Elisha, stole my heart. He was so excited to tell me all the things he wanted for his birthday, he’s only turning 3, but he is so excited to be 3. He needs a new jacket because he has ruined the sleeves on his old one. I can’t wait until April when we have his birthday party and I get to watch him open up his birthday presents. He would truly not get this experience without your support!

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